Painted Dog Conservation & Visitor Centre

Painted Dog Conservation & Visitor Centre

Painted Dog Conservation is considered by many to be a model for conservation.

Our vision is to protect and increase the range and numbers of painted dogs in Zimbabwe.

Conservation through Action and Education is our mantra. We are driven by the belief that conservation does not occur on an island. PDC has highlighted limited environmental awareness and a lack of economic opportunities as significant factors threatening the future of the species. Consequently we have implemented an Education & Development Program that targets the local communities in our core operating area. Direct action  strategies such as anti poaching units and a rehabilitation facility have been developed to combat the ever present threat from poaching.

Our Visitors Centre teaches local and international visitors about the plight of the painted dogs and the Hwange ecosystem as a whole.

Our principal objective is to bring direct and real benefit to the local peoples in terms of increased employment and unparalleled education opportunities. The goal is not merely to teach new concepts about the environment, but to promote an emotional attachment to it that will lead to a lifelong attitude of caring for it.

Sable Sands offers guests to take a guided tour at the PDC visitor centre, followed by a boardwalk to the unique rehabilitation centre. Donations are included in the trip and arts & crafts can be bought at their shop. We applause the successful efforts of this great organisation with their holistic approach!